MICA’s engagement

Offer arts objects responding to our unique editorial line, based on societal values.

About MICA

Michaël Chéneau, the creator of MICA, is cabinetmaker and studied crafts and Art History. He
has worked during 5 years in Southern Africa (Madagascar, Mayotte…). Galery MICA was created in 2001.


The engagement of MICA art gallery :
The art works result from :
- moral and ethical commitments
- merging of talents
- symbolism
-Technical know-how allowing to attain excellence.

Main activity

MICA gallery offers the conception, the realisation and the sale of contemporary art works . All the
products result from an encounter of two types of skills : regional craftmanship, exclusively from
Brittany, and national or international artists and designers.
Via its network of partners, Gallery MICA researches, experiments, imagines new projects, experiences
and encounters. research on materials, know-how, expertise, all in a collaborative way.


The art objects are unique, or produced in a limited series of 8. They can be classified in different
categories :
>Furniture : desks, benches, tables, coffee tables, coat hooks, etc
>Accessories : boxes, jewellery, vases, containers, etc
>Art works :Sculptures, etc